From your stay at Quinta do Passadouro or an apartment in the historic wine village Provesende can participate in many activities. Both accommodations are located in the heart of the Port Area around Pinhao in northern Portugal. The cottages at Quinta de Santa Luzia do Carrascal are located in the eastern part of the Douro, the Douro Superior. In Vilariça Valley are both grapes and olives grown. The center of olive cultivation Mirandela, not far from the farmhouse. On an increasing scale, there is also biologically grown in recent landscaped vineyards.


The walks are not longer than 15 km and carry you along and across this fabulous vineyards, which are characterized by their terraces. This way of vineyards laying says something about the altitude. In a short time you will sometimes have to overcome altitude of 500 meters. But then slopes down the landscape, you will breath and enjoy the beautiful views. Along the way there are opportunities to picnic and stop in ancient villages, where you can have a drink in the local pub.

At present, we have a program for three days in the future possibly do if walkabout. One of the walks start in Pinhao, formerly left center where the boats (barcos rabelos) with the port towards Porto. You are here brought. From there you walk to where you stay. And that is at Quinta do Passadouro, centrally located in the Pinhãovallei where traditionally made wine and port is. Here we have six double rooms, comfortable and each with its own shower and toilet.
Tastings and classes

In Provesende we organize both Wine and Port Tastings as Courses.

The Douro region owes its fame to the Port that has been produced here for hundreds of years. Yet there is more wine made in this region, the last years of increasingly high quality. The Douro region is more interesting reason. One of those reasons is the wide variety of indigenous grape varieties, each with its characteristic properties. Also successfully experimented with alien species as Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, with some beautiful examples there have come on the market.
We offer everyone the opportunity to gain more knowledge in the heart of the Port Area of wine in general and Douro wines and Port in particular.
The duration of the courses varies from two hours to two days, also you will visit other quinta's and producers.